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Electronic musical instruments offer huge opportunities for experimentation, both because they can create such a wide variety of sounds and because it is relatively easy to modify those sounds. Just a bit of programming can turn a trumpet-like sound into a clarinet, and a little more programming can modify the sound into something never heard before. It is not just that electronic instruments can create new and distinctively electronic sounds, but that electronic instruments make it so easy to modify sound. Our electronic instruments are a music laboratory that invite experimentation. On this album we wanted to develop pieces that are both electronic and experimental in nature.

The creation of any musical instrument is the result of an experiment. One can picture, for example, Adolphe Sax (1814-1894), an instrument maker who improved the design of the bass clarinet, imagining what it would sound like to combine a reed mouthpiece like that on a clarinet with a brass body, resulting in his invention of the saxophone in 1841. But, it takes a long time to design and build a musical instrument like that, and once created, the types of sounds the instrument can make are limited by its physical properties. If one imagines creating something different, it may take months or years to realize that different design in a new physical instrument, whereas new sounds can be created in minutes - or even seconds - on an electronic instrument.

Our experimentation on this album is partly with the sounds we use, but even more with our composition. Our past two albums - 13 Months, from 2006, and Up and Down, from 2007 - used more traditional compositional techniques. While we did have some untraditional-sounding tracks on some earlier albums, our idea this time was to make each track an experiment. A part of this is that we use no traditional drum or percussion on this album. A larger part is that each track started with our thinking, "I wonder what it would sound like if?" We found out, and you can listen to the results of our experiments and find out too.

  Track 1 Entropy  
  Track 2 Sincerest Intent  
  Track 3 Escape! featured  
  Track 4 Where Has He Gone?  
  Track 5 Smokin' Pot  
  Track 6 Vision  
  Track 7 Chromatosis  
  Track 8 Swamped  
  Track 9 Sandcastles  
  Track 10 Step by Step  
  Track 11 Deliver Me  
  Track 12 Rain Showers  
  Track 13 Rythm and a Prayer  
  Track 14 Dark Transport Promise featured  
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