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Choose a month... and let the music take you there. That is the idea behind our creation of "13 Months." It is intended as a concept album, for sure, but the concept is slightly different from the story line that connects individual tracks in most concept albums. Each track is intended to remind the listener of the month for which it is named. That's probably obvious. What may not be obvious after the fact is that each track was released on our web site in the month for which it is named. As the tracks came out one month at a time (in 2006), someone who listened to them when they first were released would have heard each track for the first time on its month, further reinforcing the connection between the song and its name. That's the concept, anyway, and to the extent that it works, going back and listening to a track should also take the listener's imagination to that month. Listening to the whole album in one sitting would be like experiencing a year in less than an hour. If it works, let us know! (If it doesn't, we'll listen to that too.)

The 13th track on the album was intended to represent an entire year. Does it sound like a year? And, notice how much more quickly that year passes than the year before. Time is like that, and that too is part of the concept. Perhaps it's a bit abstract, but then, so is the art form of instrumental music.

Reign of Illusion was formed to explore the possibilities of electronic music, and in one sense this album is less experimental than our earlier ones. The album begins with the ring of tympani in "January" (or, at least, the illusion of tympani!), providing a signal that it will have more of the structure of traditional music, and references to accoustic instruments frequently find their way into the mix. But the electronic foundation remains, and the more traditional structure of the album does not signify a change in our direction, but rather is designed to serve the concept. So, choose a month... and let the music take you there!

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