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In half a century electronic musical instruments have moved from being expensive and temperamental novelty items to being a part of the musical mainstream. While "electronic music" has its own identity, electronic instruments have found their way into all types of popular music. Reign of Illusion is a Tallahassee, Florida, musical group that was formed to explore a wide range of music that can be performed using electronic instruments. This is the first of what we hope will be a series of albums probing the potential of electronic music.

The music on this album ranges from pop-sounding electronic instrumental songs to the more experimental use of electronic sounds to create textures and soundscapes to evoke the feelings and emotions of the listener. We set out to explore the boundaries of electronic music as an art form. The whole thing is a bit of an experiment for us, but we also hope that listeners will find it to be interesting, evocative, and a rewarding musical experience.

For listeners interested in the technology behind the music, the tools to make electronic music have been becoming more powerful, less temperamental, and more affordable over the years. While Reign of Illusion has decades of cumulative experience on electronic musical instruments, we recorded this album using two new synthesizers almost entirely. The music was performed on Yamaha Motif ES6 and Alesis Ion synthesizers, along with various electric guitars and electronic effects. Sometimes a traditional-sounding guitar part can be heard, but more frequently the guitars are used to produce electronic-sounding noises and textures. The guitar parts may be difficult to identify, but most songs have several guitar parts in them. Recording technology has advanced at least as fast as electronic instruments, and the album was recorded, mixed, and mastered using a Korg D16XD 16-track digital recording studio.

  Track 1 TRAX  
  Track 2 Bari Times  
  Track 3 Struck  
  Track 4 Orbit  
  Track 5 Birds  
  Track 6 X98 ICE  
  Track 7 Flow  
  Track 8 Uncertain Movement  
  Track 9 Inside Ride  
  Track 10 Computer Dance featured  
  Track 11 Tears (Lost in the Wind)  
  Track 12 Odd S.E. featured  
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