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Wow, that was fun! We're talking about our first self-titled album we put out last year. We were happy with the enthusiastic response it received (even as we acknowledge the small musical niche occupied by electronic instrumental music), and "Illusion Theatre" picks up where our first album left off, exploring the range of music that can be produced with electronic musical instruments.

Synthesizers produce a remarkably wide range of sounds, ranging from imitations of other instruments to electronic sounds and textures that cannot be produced any other way. Our interest lies primarily with the more electronic-sounding products of synthesis.

Rather than imitating other instruments, we want to explore the musical possibilities of uniquely electronic sounds. Most of our songs also contain several electric guitar parts, but even there, we use guitars mostly to produce electronic-sounding lines, so the guitar plays the role of another instrument to synthesize electronic sounds.

Some of our songs have a well-established beat and melody, showing the ability of electronic music to parallel pop music, while others take a more experimental approach to combining electronic sounds and textures. It's all part of our experiment to explore the possibilities of electronic music.

  Track 1 Theatre of Illusions featured  
  Track 2 Midnight  
  Track 3 Mirrors featured  
  Track 4 Chances  
  Track 5 Reality V1.1  
  Track 6 Visitors  
  Track 7 Transparent  
  Track 8 Stonehenge  
  Track 9 Streetwise  
  Track 10 Dreaming  
  Track 11 Not So Innocent  
  Track 12 Dancin' Shoes  
  Track 13 Gates of Graft  
  Track 14 The Grind  
  Track 15 Missing You  
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