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From wedding processionals to funeral dirges, music has always been written to accompany specific activities in life. Music has been composed to accompany specific types of movement, from marches to ballets to waltzes. Drinking songs have been written to accompany drinking, and religious music has been written to accompany worship. Music has been written to accompany and enhance the viewer's experience of film and plays. A huge amount of music has been written specifically to entice its listeners to dance. So, this album, intended to accompany two of life's regular events - waking up, and going to sleep - stands firmly in a long tradition of music designed to accompany specific life events.

This CD works best with a particular type of technology: a bedside CD player that starts playing the CD at the time one sets to wake up. We have a bedside CD player like this and wrote this music for our use, but now you can use it too!

The first track of the CD is Up... which is written to get you up! When one's CD alarm goes off in the morning, Up starts playing, gently at first, and ending much more energetically nearly 11 minutes later. It's much better than a snooze alarm. Up nudges you at first, eventually rousing you out of bed to start the day. Just set your CD alarm for the appointed time, and Up you go! Prior to putting out the CD, we tried out the concept, and it really worked! It's not just a theory, then. Up got us up.

Down, the CD's third track and running about 35 minutes, is designed to lull you to sleep. It starts gently at first, just like Up, but then gets more and more gentle as it closes your eyes and relaxes you. It's almost like a choir of angels is accompanying you to dreamland. We found it interesting to start Up and Down at about the same place musically, but then have them lead to very different destinations. So, when you go to bed, start listening to track three of the CD, and soon you'll be off to sleep. We're not really sure what the end of this track sounds like, as every time we tried to listen back to it we fell asleep before it ended.

and, well, and...

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